City of Blaine Volunteer Program

The City of Blaine offers many opportunities for citizens to become involved and have a voice in the community.  In addition to service on a commission, board, or committee, a citizen can help the community by providing specialized assistance to City departments and divisions.

Volunteering is a great way to learn more about the City, meet new people, and gain valuable experience while enriching your life and enhancing the community you live in. Your generosity, by gifting your time and community spirit through volunteering, helps make Blaine a better place to live.


 learn new skills and share valuable knowledge and experiences while helping community members and contributing to the livability of the City of Blaine.

College Student Interns

 work on responsible projects and gain real work experience in their field. The City has intern programs that help students meet their goals and fulfill their internship requirements.


 gain new skills and valuable experience while making a positive impact on their community. Youth under the age of 18 must have parental permission to volunteer in City departments. Youth under 14 may be able to volunteer with family members.


 including youth, businesses, and churches can adopt projects or conduct programs within City departments that connect them with the needs of their communities.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Blaine Community Chamber of Commerce

728 Peace Portal Dr. 
Blaine, WA 98230
(360) 332-6484


610 3rd Street
Blaine, WA 98230
(360) 305-3637

Blaine Visitor Information Center
728 Peace Portal Dr. Blaine, WA 98230 (360) 332-4544

Senior Center 

763 G St. 
Blaine, WA 98230
(360) 332-8040

Blaine-Birch Bay Park & Recreation District 2 

7511 Gemini St.
Blaine, WA 98230
(360) 656-6416

The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County
1419 Cornwall Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 734-5121

For more information, please contact Samuel Crawford, 435 Martin Street, Suite 3000, 360.332.8311, or
If you would like to be included on the volunteer email list please send an email to and advise that you would like to be included on this list.

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